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Friskies Dry Cat Junior 10 kg

€ 33.94 (€ 26.72 + VAT)
Unit price: € 3.39/kilogram
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Complete feed for kittens.
Manufacturer: Purina
Average Rating: Not Rated
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Feeding guide:

You should feed the kitten with this feed if it is more than 3-4 weeks old. Mix it with water in order to make the eating easier. Increase the amount of feed if the kitten requires more. Decrease the wetting if the kitten can eat dry feed. Every kitten has a different activity level and weight, adjust the fed amount to this. You can also give this feed for lactating or pregnant cats.

Composition: Cereals, meat and animal derivatives (10%*), vegetable protein extarcts, oils and fats, fish and fish derivatives, minerals, yeast, vegetables( brown, green and orange feed: 0,2% dried vegetable, which equal to 1% vegetable), milk and milk derivatives (white coloured feed: 0,9% milk powder, wich equals to 4% milk)
*20% rehydrated meat and animal derivatives, the brown, green and orange coloured feed contain at least 4% chicken.

Nutritional Additives: IU/kg: Vit A: 16000; Vit D3:1300, Vit. E: 115, mg/kg: Fe(E1):185; I(E2): 3; Cu (E4):,5; Mn(E5):20; Zn(E6):234, Se (E8): 0,3. Taurin: 1100 mg/kg.  It contains colorant and antioxidants.

Analytical Constituents: Protein 35%, Fat content 12%, Crude ash 8%. Crude fibres 2%.


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