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Beaphar Fiprotec Spray 100ml

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Fiprotec spray against ticks, fleas and lice
Manufacturer: Beaphar
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  • For dogs and cats
  • For the treatment and prevention of tick and flea infestations
  • For the treatment of lice
  • Ideal for small cats under 1 kg
  • Ideal for small dogs under 2 kg
  • Applicable from the age of two days

Spray the animal's entire body from a distance of about 10 to 20cm. Spray against the direction of the fur, making sure to wet the animal's entire fur. Rub the coat, especially on long-haired animals, so that the veterinary medicine can penetrate the skin. When treating the head region and when treating young and nervous animals, the solution should be sprayed onto the hand (with gloves) and massaged into the coat. Allow the fur to air dry. Do not rub dry with a towel.

It is important to wet the coat down to the skin. Depending on hair length, apply 3 to 6 ml per kilogram of body weight (7.5 to 15 mg of active ingredient per kg of body weight). This dose can be achieved with 6 to 12 pumps of the 100 ml bottle.


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