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Méhpatika forte

€ 23.97 (€ 18.87 + VAT)
Manufacturer: HERBÁRIA Zrt.
Unit price: € 23.97/liter
Availability: Hiánycikk

The treated bee colonies can became more resistant against some diseases (Ascosphaerosis, chalk brood). The essential oil content of the product helps to decrease the level of ectoparasitic infestation (Varroa destructor).

Average Rating: Not Rated
active substance: potassium sorbate



Application Instructions:

  1. The treatments should be carried out first and second, so-called feeding stimulant during July, August or September. It is very important that the composition is uniformly mixed with the carrier (syrups, cakes or water).
  2. The vehicle of the temperature did not exceed 40 ° C since the drugs elbomohlatnak!


Half a liter do sugar syrup 5ml Méhpatika forte (quiches or in drinking water). The treatment time 10 - repeat - depending hordástól every day or every other day. (A cure product méhcsaládonként means 50 ml).

A family needs:

  • Méhpatika spring 50 ml - 50 ml of fall
  • 1 liter is sufficient to treat 20 bee

Avoid Overdose

Presentation: 1000 ml


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