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Illy szemes GRANI Medium Roast kávé (normál, piros) 250 g

€ 12.06 (€ 9.50 + VAT)
Unit price: € 48.24/kilogram
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100 % Arabica roasted, whole coffee beans 
The coffee does not contain materials that can cause allergy or intolerance. 
Caffeine content max. 1,5%
Manufacturer: Illy
Average Rating: Not Rated


100% Arabica, medium roast whole bean Illy coffee in metal container. The Hungarian Ferenc Illy established the wordwide famous illy blend in 1933 in Trieste, from the mixture of 9 excellent Arabica of 3 continent. This normal roasted blend gives the most balanced, most harmonical flavour, that every coffe lover seeks: flovery, fruity aroma with chocolate and toast signs and a long lasting, sweet aftertaste. The greatest talent of the Illy is that it produces the same premium quality blend from the always changing coffee production. The other coffee companies produce coffees with different quality under thier brand, but the Illy produce only one blend on medium and dark roast. It is much easier to sell the quality imbalances in the different blends. The blend of the Illy is always the same, it has no possibility or intention to sell better or worse quality under its brand, the illy wanrts to give the best from its knowledge.  The Illy does not use in its blend the cheaper, more worthless Robusta coffess, since according to scientific research, the Robusta coffes has nor aromatic value, and it gives most of the coffees a woody, moldy, and flat flavour. After roasting the coffee will be packed without adding Nitrigen to it, and with pressing out the air from it on overpressure, which is the patent of the Illy, and the most developed form of packaging the coffee. In this way the coffee will have its aroma and freshness achieved during roasting until you use it, and this is guaranteed by the Illy for 2 years.
Type of coffee Coffee beans


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