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Felix Junior Csirke&Lazac MP 4x85g

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A FELIX Fantastic Junior is a range of delicious foods that have a look and smell so juicy, that might seem cooked food yourself. Specially prepared with tender and meaty pieces in a delicious jelly, your cat will find them irresistible at every meal.
Manufacturer: Purina
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Feeding Guide
The Felix Junior is a complete feed for kittens, it is not necessayr to mix it with other feed. Just take it out from the sachet and it is ready. Ready the feeding guide carefuully! Every kitten has different need, and the necessary amount of feed depends on the activity level of the kitten and on the physical condition. Serve the feed on room temperature and always place fresh, clear water next to the feeed. Fed the kitten at the same place always, and do not disturb the kitten during eating. The Felix Junior is also suitable for pregnant or lactating cats, since they also have a higer energy need, in order to be able to look after the kittens. After 12 months the kitten become adults, ready to try out the other delicious Felix feeds.


Version 1: With chicken: Meat and animal derivatives(of which 4% chicken), Vegetable protein extracts, Fish and fish derivatives,Minerals, Various sugars.

Version 1: With salmon: Meat and animal derivatives, Vegetable protein extracts, Fish and fish derivatives (of which 4% salmon),Minerals, Various sugars.

Analytical Constituents: Moisture 75%, Protein 15,4%, Fat content 3,6%, Crude ash 2,5%. Crude fibres 1%

Nutritional Additives: IU/kg:Vit A:585; Vit D3: 90; Vit E: 13; mg/kg: Fe (E1): 20; I (E2): 0,26; Cu (E4): 2,3; Mn (E5): 4,0; Zn (E6): 33. Technological additive: E499: 2900 mg/kg


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