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Terms of purchase

Terms of purchase


General Terms and Conditions

This document is not meant to be for registering, it stays in electronic format. It is not classified as a written contract, it is written in Hungarian, and not point to at any behaviour codes. If you have questions about the operation of the webshop and your order process, we will be at the given contact details.

The effect of this „General terms and Conditions” extends to the contractual relationships of the provider’s websites (,,,,,,,,, and subdomains. This „general terms and conditions” is available on the following webpage: and can be downloaded from here:


Name of the Provider: EURO-VET Ltd.
Registered Office (and official place of raising claims): 7500 Nagyatád, Kossuth utca 11. fszt. 38.
Contacts of the Provider and the regularly used electronic mailing address for contacting users:
Registration-number: 14-09-310325
Tax-number: 22687573-2-14
EU VAT number: HU22687573
Name of the registry authority: Fővárosi Törvényszék Cégbírósága
Telephone number: +3682454413
Language of contract: Hungarian
Name, e-mail and address of the domain provider: Kft. Cím: 4028 Debrecen, Kassai út 129. Telefonszám: 06704102535 06-1/234-5011 E-mail: Webcím:


2.1. The governing law is the hungarian law, especially the Civil Codex (2013.V.), the electronic commercial code (2001.CVIII.), and the sumptuary law (45/2014 (II.26.) for the interpretation and by this „general terms and conditions” not ruled question. The obligatory parts of the mentioned rules are authoritative without any other clause.

2.2. These Articles are effective law since 16th July 2019. and remaining in force until revocation. The provider can modify individually these Articles. The modifications need to be issued 11 (eleven) days before the effective date by the Provider.
With using the webpage Users/Customers accept automatically all the terms and conditions in connection with using the webpage.

2.3. The Provider reserves all rights in connection with the content and dissemination of the website and webpage. It is absolutely forbidden to download, (electronic) store, process, or sell Any content published in the website or part of them without written consent of the Provider.


3.1. The User/Customer declares to accept this general terms and conditions, and to get to know the condition of the Data Management Document, and agree with that, while shopping/registrating on the webpage.

3.2. The User/Customer is liable to give its real, own data during shopping/registration. The electronic contract with unreal or third person’s data is absolutely void. The Provider excludes the accountability if the User/Customer uses third person’s name, data while utilizing the service.

3.3. The Provider does not take liability for delivery default, any other problems or mistakes because of misguided or inaccurate information.

3.4. Service Provider takes no responsibility for any loss caused by that the User forgot his/her password or it became accessible to unauthorized persons as a result of any reason for which the Service Provider cannot be responsible.


4.1. Displayed products can be ordered online. The prices shown on the products are in HUF, they include the statutory VAT, but do not include the home delivery fee. No extra packaging fee will be charged.

4.2. In the webshop, the Service Provider details the name, description and photo of the product. Images displayed on a product datasheet may differ from reality, as an illustration. We are not responsible for the difference between the image displayed in the webshop and the actual appearance of the product.

4.3. If there is a product on sale available, the Provider informs users/customers about the sale and its length of time.

4.4. If there is wrong price shown in the Webshop – in spite of due diligence of the Provider- it is not required from the Provider to deliver for the wrong price but for the right price. Especially with regard of significantly divergent. For example: „0” HUF or „1” HUF because of a system error. The users/ customers can abandon the shopping.

4.5. In case of false price, there is an onerous contract between the real and the visualized price of the product. A costumer should recognize that. According to the Civil Codex (PTK. 2013. V.)the animus of clients must be concordant, and synallagmatic. If clients can not make a compromise, and there is not any concordant and synallagmatic animus’, there is not any binding agreements, which constitute a binding contract. According to these facts, the contract is void, if the acknowledgement of order based on the wrong/false price.


5.1. After the registration you will be able to sign in to the webshop / or you can start shopping without registration.

5.2. The user sets the number of the product/products to buy.

5.3. The user places the selected products in the basket. Users can view the basket content at any time by clicking the "basket" icon.

5.4. If the User wants to add more products in the basket, click on the „continue shopping” button. If you do not want to buy more products, check the number of products you want to buy. Click the "delete item" icon to clear the basket content. To finalize the quantity, click on the "+ , -" icon.

5.5. The user selects the delivery address and then the delivery / payment method, which types are as follows:

5.5.1. Payment methods:

Personal reception: Online: The user has the possibility to pay online the total amount of the order through the secure payment (Barion) system of the financial service provider used by the Provider.

Payment by cashback: If the ordered product is delivered by courier service, it is possible for the User to complete the order amount to the courier in cash upon receipt of the ordered product (s). In this case you will have to pay an extra 500 Ft fee, any other payments are free.

Bank transfer: The user has to pay the total amount of the order within 3 days to the bank account which can be found in e-mail. After the successful transfer the user has right to get the product(s).

Online: The user has the possibility to pay online the total amount of the order through the secure payment (Barion) system of the financial service provider used by the Provider.

The Barion is an electronical secure payment method, which can be used to pay by card or top-up balance (Barion Wallet) in our webshop. Barion Payment Inc. an electronic money institution supervised by the National Bank of Hungary, number of licence of operation: H-EN-I-1064/2013 the security of Barion servers formed by the rules of National Bank of Hungary. Servers of Barion has Norton/Symantec/Verisign 2048 bit TSL secure. Before payment: always make sure that you are using your bank card details and password on Barion’s secure server. Your web browser shows with green color if the payment is secure and the owner of the checkout page must be Barion Payment Inc [HU]. Barion complies with PCI DSS certificate, it has right to handle bank card details.

Our webshop do not receive any bank card details from you. In case of bank card payment, you will use Barion’s page, the payment go through their website and it won’t touch our webshop. Our webshop do not have your bank card details at all, also can not see them.

Usable cards for payment:

  • Mastercard or Maestro
  • Visa or Electron
  • Amex

5.5.2. Shipping cost are the following:

The delivery time, in that case if you are place your order before noon, it takes maximum 3 working days, otherwise should take maximum 4 working days. The products from Purina: Pro Plan, Friskies, Dog Chow, Darling, Felix, Cat Chow, One, Gourmet Gold és Gourmet Perle, the delivery time could be 6 working days.

Delivery methods within Hungary:

Pick up Point

MPL Postán maradó szállítás

MPL Post Point

MPL Parcel Terminal

MPL Courier service

Delivery time: The product(s) delivery time depends on the stock, payment and delivery method

Delivery Costs:



Shipping method

MPL Post Point

MPL Parcel Terminal

MPL courier service



delivery time:

by the confirmation

gross parcel weight*

gross 1 Ft

gr. 9.000 Ft

gr. 10.000 Ft

gr. 20.000 Ft

gr. 80.000 Ft



If you don`t reach the minimum price with your order(s), the table shows the costs below, otherwise if you are above of the gross price, it`s free.

0,00 kg

0,60 kg

0 Ft

1 200 Ft

1 400 Ft

1 500 Ft

not possible

0,61 kg

1,00 kg

1,01 kg

2,00 kg

1 300 Ft

1 600 Ft

2,01 kg

3,00 kg

1 400 Ft

1 500 Ft

1 700 Ft

3,01 kg

4,00 kg

1 600 Ft

1 800 Ft

4,01 kg

5,00 kg

1 500 Ft

1 900 Ft

5,01 kg

10,00 kg

1 700 Ft

1 900 Ft

2 100 Ft

10,01 kg

15,00 kg

1 900 Ft

2 100 Ft

2 400 Ft

15,01 kg

20,00 kg

2 100 Ft

2 300 Ft

2 700 Ft

20,01 kg

25,00 kg

2 300 Ft

not possible

2 900 Ft

25,01 kg

30,00 kg

2 400 Ft

3 100 Ft

30,01 kg

35,00 kg

not possible

4 700 Ft

35,01 kg

40,00 kg

5 300 Ft

40,01 kg

50,00 kg

8 500 Ft

50,01 kg

60,00 kg

9 300 Ft

60,01 kg

70,00 kg

10 100 Ft

70,01 kg

80,00 kg

11 000 Ft

80,01 kg

90,00 kg

11 800 Ft

90,01 kg

100,00 kg

12 600 Ft

200,01 kg

950,00 kg

not possible

15 200 Ft


Outside of Hungary:

DPD: Depends on the location and weight.

5.6. If there is lack or imperfection in connection with the products or prices in the webshop, we reserve the rights for correction. In such a case we inform the customer about the new data immediately after the recognition or modification. Afterwards, the customer can confirm the order again, or has a chance to rescind the contract.

5.7. The total sum contains all the charges according to the totalizing of the order and the letter of confirmation. The bill is included in the package. The user is obliged to check the package at delivery before the courier and in case of possible damage to products or packaging, he or she is obliged to request a record and in case of damage the package is not obliged to take over. Subsequent, non-recorded complaint by the Service Provider does not accept it! Packages are delivered on business days between 8 am and 5 pm.

5.8. Once you have entered the data, you can submit your order by clicking on the "Order" button, but you can check the details provided before you can, or send a comment to your order or email us any other ordering wishes.

5.9. The user acknowledges with the order that his payment obligation arises.

5.10. Correcting Input Bugs: The user can return to the previous phase before completing the order process, where he can correct the input data. In detail: When ordering, it is possible to view or modify the content of the basket, if the basket does not contain the quantity to be ordered, then the user clicks the "+,-" button. If you want to delete an item from the items in the basket, click the "delete item" button. During the order, the User has a continuous opportunity to correct / delete the inputs.

5.11. The user/customer gets an email of confirmation after sending the order, which does not give rise to contract. If this e-mail does not arrive within an expectable deadline –depending on the profile of the service- or at latest within 48 hours, the user is relived of the bid fixity or contractual duty. The order and the confirmation of the order can be considered „arrived” to the Provider or to the User, when it is reachable for them. The Provider excludes the blame of confirmation, if the confirmation does not arrive in time because the user/customer has given wrong email address, or the storage pool of the account is full, and can not receive messages.

5.12. The User acknowledges that the confirmation in the previous section is only an automatic confirmation, and does not constitute a contract. The contract is created when the Service Provider notifies the User of the details of the order and its expected fulfillment after another automatic confirmation of the above mentioned item.

5.13. The delivery time, in that case if you are place your order before noon, it takes maximum 3 working days, otherwise should take maximum 4 working days. The products from Purina: Pro Plan, Friskies, Dog Chow, Darling, Felix, Cat Chow, One, Gourmet Gold és Gourmet Perle, the delivery time could be 6 working days.


6.1. Orders are processed during opening hours. In addition to the times specified for processing the order, it is possible to place the order, if it is after the expiration of the working time, processing the next day. Service Provider's customer service will always confirm by electronic means when it can fulfill its order.

6.2. General execution deadline: within 4 working days of the date of the contract if the product is in stock. Otherwise, the deadline may be 2-3 weeks.

6.3. According to the contract of sale, the Service Provider shall transfer the ownership of the property, the User shall pay the purchase price and take over the thing.

6.4. If the seller is an enterprise and the buyer is a consumer and the seller undertakes to deliver the thing to the buyer, the risk of damage passes to the buyer when the buyer or the third party he designates takes possession of it.

6.5. If the seller is an enterprise, and the buyer is a consumer, for lack of distinct agreement of the signatories, the seller (based on this GCTC: Service Provider) is obligated to make available the product for the Customer (User), right after the conclusion of the contract, but in less than 30 days.

6.6. In case of late of the Service Provider the User is rightful to set an accidental deadline. The Customer is rightful to desist from the contract, if the seller can not accomplish in the accidental deadline.

6.7. The User is rightful to desist from the contract without accidental deadline, if:
a) the Service Provider denied the fulfillment of the contract; or
b) the contract should have been accomplished until the original deadline - not in another time - as agreed by the signatories.

6.8. In case the Service Provider cannot accomplish the contractual obligation because the product/or its component were not available, the Service Provider is obligated to inform the Customer right away and to pay back the sum paid by the Customer at once.


7.1. According to the directive 2011/83/ EU of the European Parliament and Commission, further about rules of contracts between customers and enterprises (Gov. Degree 45/2014) (II.26), the user can rescind in 14 days from the date of delivery, can return the ordered product(s) and no grounds need to be alleged. Without this information users can exercise the cancellation right for 1 year. If the Service Provider gives the information not later than 14 days after receipt of the product or the date of conclusion of the contract but within 12 months, then the deadline for withdrawal shall be 14 days from the date of that communication.

7.2. The consumer may exercise his right of withdrawal with a clear statement on it or as it is specified in the 2. attachment of the 45/2014. (II.26.) Government Decree.

7.3. The period for exercising the right of withdrawal shall expire 14 days after the date on which the consumer or a third party other than the carrier designated by the consumer gets the product.

7.4. The customer can exercise the waiver clause between the time of entering in a contract and the reception.

7.5. The cost of returning the product must be borne by the consumer, and the firm has not undertaken to bear this cost.

7.6. In the event that the right of withdrawal is exercised, consumers will not be charged other than the cost of returning the product.

7.7. Withdrawing is not the customers legal due in case of not pre-produced product, which was made according to the instructions of the customer or according to the wish of the customer, or in case of such product, which is individualized.

7.8. The consumer may also not exercise his right of withdrawal in respect:

a) The Contract of the service, after the fulfilment of the service, if the Service Provider started the service with the previous, explicit permission of the consumer and the consumer noted that he/she lose the right of repossession after the total fulfilment of the service;
b) In case of products or services, whose prices can not be influenced by financial market services, it depends on the possible fluctuation in the available term of the withdrawal right;
c) perishable goods or short „best before” term
d) gas-tight products, which can not be sent back after opening because of health-care or hygienic reason
e) in case of a product, which blends with another products because of its type, after the handover;
f) in case of alcoholic drinks, which has a value what can be not impressionable by the company and depends on the market fluctuation, and the signatories have settled about the price of this product at the conclusion of the contract, but the accomplishment of the contract is 30 days after the date of the conclusion of the contract;
g) in case of enterprising contracts, when the company gets in contact with the customer because of the explicit request of the customer for repairing or maintenance;
h) in case of wrapped audio or video recordings, and computer software sales, after the opening of the package;
i) in case of newspapers, journals and periodicals, except subscription contracts;
j) in case of contracts of public auctions;
k) in relation to a contract about the provision of accommodation other than for residential purpose, transport of good, car rental services, catering or services related to leisure activities if the contract provides for a specific date or period of fulfillment;
l) digital data on not tangible assets, if the fulfilment has begun for the customer’s previous consent, and in the same time the customers declare to lose the cancellation rights.

7.9. The Provider has to refund the expenses of the customer inclusive the delivery cost, immediately after return the products or arrival the confirmation of cancellation, but within 14 days.

7.10. In case of returning the costs, the same method of payment should be used, except the customer agree to another method of payment. The customer does not have any extra expense in connection with returning.

7.11. The Customer has to return or leave on the address of the Provider the products without any undue delay, but not later than 14 days, counting from the day of notification of confirmation the cancellation to the Provider.

7.12. In case of cancellation by the consumer in writing, it is sufficient to send the withdrawal statement within 14 days.

7.13. The Customer meet the deadline of returning, if the customer returns or send back the products within 14 days. Returns will be deemed to have expired if the consumer sends the product before the expiry of the deadline.

7.14. The consumer shall only bear the direct cost of returning the product, unless the enterprise has undertaken to bear this cost.

7.15. The Provider does not have to repay the extra cost to the Customer, if the customers choose a different delivery method, but not the cheapest delivery method.

7.16. Refunds may be withheld by the Service Provider until it has received the Goods (s) or has not provided Customer with proof that they have returned them: the previous date must be taken into account.

7.17. In case the Customer would like to desist from the contract he/she can send notification by any of the methods given by the Service Provider in writing (using the attached form), or on telephone. In the case of writing notice sent by post the date of stage stamps is considered. In the case of telephone noticing the date of telephone notice is used. In the case of post notice registered postage or package are accepted by the Service Provider. Customer can return the ordered product to the Service Provider by either post or via a courier service.

7.18. The consumer shall only be liable for the depreciation resulting from use beyond the use required to establish the nature, properties and operation of the product.

7.19. More information about contracts between the consumer and the business: 45/2014 (II. 26.) Gov. Degree can be seen here.

7.20. More information about the 2011/83/EU directive of European Parliament and Commission can be seen here.

7.21. The customers can look up the Provider with claims using the here obtainable contacts.

7.22. The right of cancellation is only entitled to the customers that are qualified as Users by the Civil Code.

7.23. Right of desist is not due to the company i.e. to the person who acts for his/her profession, occupation or business activity.

7.24. The Procedure of enforcing the right of desist:

7.24.1. If the Customer wishes to enforce the right of desist, then he/she needs to send the declaration about the intention of her/his desist to one of the contact details of the Service Provider.

7.24.2. The Customer enforces her/his right of desist on time, when she/he send the declaration of withdrawal in 14 days, after she/he got the product. She/He only needs to send the Declaration of withdrawal in 14 days, if the customer wants to desist in writing. If the Customer would point out her/his desist by post, the date of posting is taken into account. If the Customer would point out her/his desist in e-mail or by telefax, the date of dispatching is taken into account.

7.24.3. The Customer is obligated to send back forthwith the product to the address of the Service Provider, but in in less than 14 days, counted from the sharing of the declaration of withdrawal. The Customer only needs to send in less than 14 days, the product does not need to arrive in 14 days. This way the deadline is enforced. The client needs to pay any cost, which is in connection with the return.

7.24.4. The Service Provider is not obligated to pay back the additional costs for the Customer, if the Customer chooses a different transport mode, not the usual and cheapest mode, what was chosen by the Service Provider. The Customer can enforce her/his right of desist between the day of the contract and the day of the receipt of the product too.

7.24.5. In case of buying multiple products and the delivery of the products is not on the same day or the ordered products are delivered in multiple parts, the right of desist can be enforced in 14 days, counted from the last product or part.

8. Warranties


The bounded party fails, if the service is not according to the contract or to the qualities specified by the law at the time of the accomplishment. The bounded party does not fail, if the entitled party knew the fault in the time of the contract or she/he should have known the fault in the time of the contract.
The term, in the contract between the customer and the company, which is about the warranty that goods are of a specified quality and about the guarantee, is invalid, if this term is at the expense of the Customer. The consumer who is User / Customer by Civil Codex has more right for warranty.

Guarantee of requisites

8.1. In what kind of situation can the Customer exercise its right for guarantee of requisites?

The Customer (User) can exercise the guarantee of requisites against the enterprise, in case of not proper fulfilment according to the rules of Civil Codex.

8.2. What kind of rights are the customers legal due according to the guarantee of requisites?

The Customer can choose between the opportunities according to guarantee of requisites:
• repair or exchange, except it is impossible for the Customer, or it is onerous cost for the enterprise
• in case of no demand for repair, or exchange, proportional reduction of consideration is demandable, or the failure can be repaired for the cost of the enterprise by the Costumer or third person, or denounce the treaty
• The customer can turn to an other guarantee of requisites, from the previously choice. The customer bears the cost of this process, except it was justified, or the enterprise gave ground to the turn.

8.3. What is the deadline for the customer of exercising the guarantee of requisites?

The User (if qualified as Customer by the Civil Code.)is liable to announce the mistake immediately after recognition, but within 2 month after recognition. After the time of limitation -2 years (1 year for enterprise) counting back from the fulfilment of the contract- guarantee of requisites can not be asserted. (In connection with best before products, the guarantee of requisites can be exercised in the „best before” period.)

8.4. Who is enforceable in connection with the guarantee of requisites against?

Customers can enforce guarantee of requisites against the Enterprise.

8.5. What kind of other conditions have of enforce the guarantee of requisites (if User qualified as Customer by the Civil Code)?

Within 6 month after fulfilling the contract, there is not any more conditions to enforce guarantee of requisites, but the announcement of the mistake, if the customer depose the product or the service has been given by the webshop run by the enterprise. After 6 month after fulfilling the contract, the customer is liable to prove, that the mistake has been existed at the time of fulfilling.

Product warranty

8.6. In what kind of situation can exercise the Customer its right for product warranty?

In case of mistake of the mobiliary (product), the user can exercise the right of the product warranty or guarantee of requisites.

8.7. What kind of rights are the customers legal due according to the product warranty?

The Customer can ask just for repair or replace of the broken product.

8.8. In what kind of case is qualified the product „broken”?

The product is broken, if it is not fit to the quality requirement at the time of placing on the market, or the product does not have the attributes, which are listed in the description of the producer.

8.9. What is the deadline for the customer of exercising the product warranty?

The product warranty can be enforced by the Customer within 2 years from the time of placing on the market. The right for exercising the product warranty is lost after this deadline.

8.10. Who is enforceable in connection with product warranty, and what kind of other conditions should be existed for enforcing?

The product warranty can just be set up against the producer or distributor. The mistake of the product should be proved by the Customer.

8.11. In what kind of case is the producer (distributor) relived of product warranty?

The producer (distributor) is relived of warranty, if it is proved:
• the product has not been produced during business activity, or placed in the market
• the mistake was not knowable at the time of placing in the market according to the science and technic
• the mistake of the product is accused by adoption of officially rules
The producer (distributor) has to prove data enough to the relive.
Because of the same mistake relived of warranty and guarantee of requisites can not be enforced in the same time, collateral. After a successful enforcement of relived of warranty, guarantee of requisites can be enforced to the exchanged product against the producer.


8.12. In what kind of situation can exercise the Customer its right for warranty?

In case of wrong performance by the 151/2003. (IX.22.) Government Degree, the Provider must provide warranty if User qualified as Customer by the Civil Code.

8.13. The warranty’s lenght of time is 1 year. The warranty period for the product(s) starts at the moment of the goods has given to consumer, or if the installation made by the Provider or its trustee, it will be the day of installation.

Warranty claim by the obligee’s choice

  1. repair or replacement, unless the fulfilment of the selected right for warranty is impossible or it would result in disproportionate extra charges – compared to the fulfilment of another claim for warranty – by taking account of the value of the service as represented in a condition without any defect, the weight of the violation of contract, the prejudice to interest caused for the Obligee by the enforcement of the right for warranty, or
  2. he/she may claim a proportionate reduction of the counter-service, he/she can repair the defect by himself/herself or get it repaired by a third party at the expense of (…), he/she can withdraw from the contract – apart from insignificant defects, if the Obligee has no interest anymore for repair or replacement, it can not meet its obligation for repair or replacement in due time by protecting the Obligee’s interests


8.15. Service Provider has no guarantee obligations for damages caused by natural wearing of the product.

8.16. Service Provider has no guarantee obligations for damages caused erroneous or careless handling of the product after the transmission of the hazard or by overuse and other effects and non proper use of the product.


9.1. In the contract of the customer and the enterprise, the agreement cannot depart to the disadvantage of the customer.

9.2. The Proof of contracting is the duty of the customer (by bill, or sales check)

9.3. The Provider is responsible for costs in connection with the fulfilment of warranty. (PTK. 6:6166§)

9.4. The Provider need to write a record about requirement of the guarantee and warranty of the customer.

9.5. The copy of the record should be send immediately, ascertainable to the customer.

9.6. If the Provider can not make a statement about enforceability of requirement of warranty or guaranty, the Provider should inform about the reason of rejection, and about the opportunity of turning to conciliation committee. The Provider is liable to inform the customer in 5 days.

9.7. The Provider need to keep the record for 3 years counting from the time of recording, and has to shown for the ask of control committee.

9.8. The Provider need to aim for complete the repair or replace within 15 days.


10.1. The provider has a right to impress a contributor to fulfill its liability. The Provider has the full amenableness because of the illegal acts of the contributor, as the Provider made the illegal act.

10.2. In case any part of this articles became void, illegal or unenforceable, it does not concern the other part of the articles.

10.3. If the Provider does not exercise the right according to this act, it can not mean adjuration. Any adjuration is just rightful with the special written declaration. If the Provider does not make stand for its cardinal right, or reserval for one time, does not mean adjuration.

10.4. The Provider and the Customer try to arrange case out of court.

10.5. The parties state that the Service Provider's webshop operates in Hungary, and its maintenance is done here. Since the site can be visited from other countries, users are explicitly aware that the law of the user and the Service Provider is governed by Hungarian law. If the user is a consumer, then Pp. Pursuant to Article 26 para. (1), the courts of the defendant (consumer) domicile of the consumer in the disputes arising from this contract are solely responsible for the consumer.

10.6. Service provider do not use different General Conditions of Access to the products of its webshop due to the Customers citizenship or domicile.

10.7. Provider - by the acceptable payment methods - do not use different Conditions for the payment method due to the Customers citizenship, domicile, or permanent address, ………….

11. ADJUSTMENT OF COMPLAINTS (if User qualified as Customer by the Civil Code)

11.1. The purpose of our shop is to fufill all the orders in good quality, for the satisfaction of the customer. If the customer has any plaint in connection of the contract or fulfillment of the contract, the plaint can be reported per telephone, e-mail or letter.

11.2. The Provider checks the claim immediately, and repair that. If the customer does not agree with the repair of the claim, or the check is not possible immediately, the Provider take a record immediately about the claim and the point of view. The customer get a copy as well.

11.3. The written claim will be answered in 30 days. In case of dismission, the Provider give a reasoned statement. The Service Provider keeps the record and the copy of the record for 5 years and in case the Provider gives it for the control board.

11.4. We inform you, in case of the claim got declined, customers can apply for relief to the conciliatory proceeding with the following contacts:

11.5. In the case of a complaint the Customer may calls for the consumer protection authority:
Based on the 387/2016. (XII. 2.) edict, firstinstance the regional organization, secondly the Pest Megyei Kormányhivatal acts in case of public administrations. The regional organizations can be found:

11.6. In the case of a complaint the Customer may calls for the Reconciliation Board given below:

Bács-Kiskun Megyei Békéltető Testület
Címe: 6000 Kecskemét, Árpád krt. 4.
Telefonszáma: (76) 501-525, (76) 501-500
Fax száma: (76) 501-538
Név: Mátyus Mariann
E-mail cím:;

Baranya Megyei Békéltető Testület
Címe: 7625 Pécs, Majorossy Imre u. 36.
Levelezési címe: 7602 Pécs, Pf. 109.
Telefonszáma: (72) 507-154
Fax száma: (72) 507-152
Név: Dr. Bodnár József
E-mail cím:;

Békés Megyei Békéltető Testület
Címe: 5601 Békéscsaba, Penza ltp. 5.
Telefonszáma: (66) 324-976, 446-354, 451-775
Fax száma: (66) 324-976
Név: Dr. Bagdi László
E-mail cím:;

Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén Megyei Békéltető Testület
Címe: 3525 Miskolc, Szentpáli u. 1.
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11.7. Reconciliation Boards take care of dispute of the consumers if it is not handled in judicial way. The aim of Reconciliation Boards is to make an agreement between the parties in order to settle the dispute of the consumers, but if it fails, they make a simple, effective and cost-effective decision to enforce the rights of the consumers. The Reconciliation Board gives advice at the request of the consumer or the Service Provider in connection with the rights of the consumer and the obligations of the consumer.

11.8. In case of online trading or cross-border dispute of consumers in connection with online service contracts, only the Reconciliation Board is assignee, which is working next to the Chamber commerce in Budapest.

11.9. If the Customer has complaint, she/he can use the Online Dispute Resolution. It only requires a registration in the system of the European Commission, click here. Then, after a log in, the customer can remonstrate via the online website:

11.10. In the procedure of the Reconciliation Board the Service Provider has mutual assistance obligation. Because of that the Service Provider needs to send answer to the Reconciliation Board and needs to have a person who is entitled to make an agreement on the audition. If the headquarter of the company is not registered in the county known by the chamber which is operating the regional reconciliation board, the obligation of the company in the co-operation is to offer the possibility of the written agreement based on the demands of the consumer.

11.11. If the consumer does not turn to a conciliation body or the procedure has not succeeded, the consumer has the right to seek a court to settle the dispute. The lawsuit must be filed with a letter of formal notice containing the following information:
• the court of law;
• the names of the parties and representatives of the parties, their place of residence and legal status;
• the right to enforce, by presenting the underlying facts and their evidence;
• the data from which the jurisdiction and jurisdiction of the court can be established;
• a definitive request for a court decision.

The application must be accompanied by a document and a copy of it which is referred to as evidence.


12.1. As a homepage,,,,,,,,,, qualified as an intellectual property, it is absolutely forbidden to download or multiply any content or any part of the webpage, republishing, storing, adapting and selling data of,,,,,,,,, without the written consent of the Provider.

12.2. In case of a written permission data form the webpage or from the database can be adopted just with quotation of,,,,,,,,,

12.3. The Provider reserves all the right for any elements of the services, domain-names, and second-domains, and for the commercial on the internet.

12.4. It is absolutely forbidden decoding or adapting the content, or detail of,,,,,,,,,, creating usernames and password for unfair reasons, using application which can change the website or cause indexabelity.

12.5. The name,,,,,,,,, is under legal protection of copyrights, it can be used just with the written permission of the Provider, except reference.

12.6. The customer accept because of use without permission, the provider is authorized for contractual penalty. The cost per pictures is 60.000 HUF (gross price), or 20.000 HUF (gross price) per words, The customer accepts this contractual penalty is not unconscionable, and customers should be sensible while browsing the page. In case of contravening property rights the Provider adjust notarial attestation of the act, which cost will be wore by the customer.


The privacy policy is available and can be downloaded from the following webpage:

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