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Apimix forte 105 g

50 000 Ft feletti vásárlás esetén 3 lamella Mentotym-et ajándékba adunk! Kérjük, az ajándék terméket ne helyezze a kosárba, mi azt automatikusan a rendeléséhez adjuk!

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The product is a immunostimulant animal feed supplement for honey bees.
Manufacturer: EURO-VET Kft.
Average Rating: Not Rated


Producer and distributor:
”EURO-VET” Kft. 7500 Nagyatád, Kossuth u. 11. Fsz. 38.
Tel.: 06-82/454-413; Fax: 06-82/553-180 –

Guideline for use:
The content of the sachet should be mixed with 14,895 kg sugar cake or sugar syrup, and as a result of this we will have 15 kg feed for the bees. 1 or 2 kg should be fed with the bee families.

The composition of the product::
Vitamin B complex
immunostimulant agent

Indication: for stimulating feed.

Storage: dark, cool place.

Content in 105 g:

Moisture 0,30%
Vitamin B1  53,6 mg
Vitamin B2 107,3 mg
Vitamin B3 119,1 mg
Vitamin B6 29,8 mg
Vitamin B12 0,1 mg
Betaine 2760,0 mg
Folic acid 14,9 mg
Vitamin H 1,4 mg
Inositol 1072,1 mg
Vitamin PP 1072,1 mg
Excipient (beet) sugar ad. 75,0 g
Immunostimulant agent 30,0 g


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